Decollette Pad

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Stop the Aging Process with the Decollette Pad!!
NO Surgeries No Pain!! IT WORKS!!

Decollette Pads are reusable, washable, 5.5 x 5 inch, self-adhesive pads that are designed to correct and prevent chest wrinkles caused by sleeping on your side, sun damage, aging, and gravity.

Decollette Pads prevent chest muscles and skin from forming creases while sleeping on our sides and stomachs. The silicone Decollette Pad is soft and flexible enough to allow your skin to move naturally while you move around at night - but firm enough to keep the creases from forming.

With the skin staying flat and smooth wrinkles that already exist begin to fade away, as they're no longer being recreated each night, and new wrinkles are being prevented at the same time! The silicone component of the pad provides a very healing quality that helps erase the stubborn wrinkles that have developed over the years. Silicone is hydrating to the skin and allows deep wrinkles to eventually plump up and fill in providing a youthful, smooth appearance. The wrinkles will stay away with continued use of the Decollette Pad - the aging process stops here.

What sets us apart from alternative medical procedures? Decollette Pads discourage new wrinkles without chemicals and without huge expensive treatments. It is very subtle and discreet to wear anytime of day - and is really very comfortable! It is made of 100% medical grade silicone. It has no allergy causing latex, urethanes, or adhesives. It is non-transdermal so that means nothing is absorbed by your skin.

Simply apply the reusable pad at bedtime to wear while you sleep or for 20-60 minutes during the day.

One pad lasts approximately 30-60 days depending on frequency of use.

No Peels No Microdermabrasion or Retinal Creams!!

Package holds 1, reusable, washable, 5.5 "x5" pad.


  • Remove pad from backing. Do not discard backing or packaging.
  • The pad is self-adhesive. The pad will begin to lose adhesive qualities in approximately 30-60 days, depending on usage time. Once this happens, a new pad should be applied.
  • Make sure the chest area is thoroughly clean, dry and free of moisturizers, sunscreens, etc. Night sweats may interfere with adhesion.
  • Apply the pad to the desired area of the chest while sleeping, or any time of day for an hour or more. Less time for sensitive skin.
  • Pads should be washed occasionally. Wash with a antibacterial soap that is free of moisturizers, gels or oils. Allow pad to air dry. Do not touch with a towel. Once dry, return to original packaging.
  • Remove pad when finished with use and replace back on backing and store in original packaging.
  • Do not use on sensitive, irritated, cut, scratched or burned skin. Do not use if there is a known sensitivity to silicone. Discontinue use if a rash or irritation occurs.
  • Decollette Pads are made of 100% medical grade silicone. There are no additives or adhesives used.