Meet the Team

My Name is Cheri Chase and I have been the Owner/Operator of DyeNasty Apparel for the last 24 Years 

My Passion and experience in Marketing & the Promotional Product Industry with Extensive Experience in Customer Service, Product Sourcing, Negotiation and Purchasing with focus on Contemporary Marketing efforts to reach the needs of clients. 

Along my path with Dyenasty I've had some experiences in business that have lead me down a couple of successful paths over the years.



Owner and Managing Director of Sudsy' s U-Wash  .

Purchaser at Chase Auto Body supplies  (and many other job positions) that have strengthened my skills in accounting, customer service, and purchasing. 

1985 - 1990
I had the pleasure of teaching music preschool to adults at a couple of amazing music schools in Winnipeg Manitoba. 

When I am not working I love to play piano and travel and spend time with my 3 amazing grandchildren.

I can be quite often seen running out to the Alberta mountains to play in my RV for the weekend.

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